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How do businesses reduce loss due to poor, non-paying customers? Know your customer beyond the ‘hand-shake’.

Businesses who routinely verify customer information and perform a proper risk analysis prior to granting credit will save time and money.



The following documents are useful for the Due Diligence Process. You may downloaded them and insert your letterhead. Please note: documents are in MS Word Format (.doc).
*We will research all available public records and provide you a completed detailed report with our findings within 72 businesses hours (where available)

*Verify the address and phone
*Verify corporate status
*Law-suit and civil records
*Land records
*UCC & Lien Records
*City, County, & State Licensing

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*Use Riskee Business extensive database to verify if your existent or potential customer has prior history with PICB.

*Use Resouces as a web portal to government sponsors websites that provides critical information about businesses. Just click on the State where your customer is located and you will find various links we have identify helpful when determining your customer’s viability.

I need to submit an account for collection.