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APRIL 2016
ISSUE No. 27
"In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."
-Benjamin Franklin

Over $2.2 million recovered in 2015.

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Your Money - Your Rules

Rule 5 - Dealing with Delinquencies

By Andrea Schlack & Robbie Burch

Over the past many months we have discussed practices for building profit with good credit granting policies, but what about the collection process? You have followed the rules, you performed due diligence, the risk assessment was positive and terms were granted. You determined how much could be risked safely, you completed the job and invoiced the customer timely, and you took steps to ensure your paper-trail was maintained properly -and you did not get paid!




Standard Register Preference Claims

Are You Being Order To Payback Money?
Over the past couple months the Liquidation Trustee has sent out demand letters seeking the return of preferential transfers.  Scott N Schrieber, of Clark Hill and a lawyer who has helped many PICB clients regarding bankruptcy issues over the years, advised he is familiar with how the debtor has dealt with reclamation claims, rejection of executory contracts and how these demands are being created, therefore If anyone has questions regarding a demand for re-payment they have received please feel free to contact Mr. Schrieber at the below number.

Scott N. Schreiber
150 N Michigan Ave | Suite 2700 | Chicago, Illinois 60601
312.985.5595 (direct) | 312.985.5984 (fax) | 847-452-8745 (cell)
sschreiber@clarkhill.com | www.clarkhill.com 

If you need help please contact PICB at 847-265-0400

C A N A D I A N   S C A M   
A L E R T !

We estimate that our intercession has saved printers thus far this year about $250,000.00 ---are you being careful? 

If you need help please contact PICB at 847-265-0400

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