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DEC  2016
ISSUE No. 34

" The doors of wisdom are never shut. "
-Benjamin Franklin

Do you know where 
your money is?
  • Printing Industry Credit Bureau - PICB collected more than $2 million for their clients and members of PIA
  • CheckitCo had provided over 500 CRA reports  of which three resulted in later collection claims through PICB
  • $400, 000 more was recovered by PIA members after seeking the advise of PICB's collection experts  on  'what to do' - which worked
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Indiana Jones & the Credit Trilogy
Part 3
The Last C.R.U.S.A.D.E.

PICB's last installment of the series on credit foundation and policy.
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Contract/ Non-Contract Applicable Rates of Interest for Credit 

Each state has their own statutory rates of interest creditors may charge depending upon the circumstances. Check our chart for  state-specific rates.
PICB is the printing industry's dedicated commercial collection agency that has helped printers recover unpaid debts for over 35 years.  Our collection expertise, personal service, dedication, and intimate knowledge of the industry produce superior results at rates below industry averages. 

PICB's sister company created an easy to use web portal to government sponsored web-sites that provides real-time, free information you may find helpful in determining a customer's stability or viability. These sites provide you the ability to verify business registrations, civil court records, lien information, and much more.
No time to research your customer's background?  PICB's sister company, Check It Co. can help. Check It Co's Credit Risk Assessments compile reports the old-fashioned way with hands-on, extensive research using 21st century tools.  Know your customer before you do the work and you won't get KISSED. 

PICB's free web-based tool, located at near the center of the navigation bar, provides free access to our database of customers who haven't paid printers.  Look up your potential customer and see if PICB already knows them.  It may save you some heartache. 

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