JUNE 2015

No. 17

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In 2014 PICB recovered more than $2,000,000.00 for Printers from their slow-paying and/or no-paying customers.

PICB is on track to exceed that number in 2015...

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Zombie: Rise Of The Credit Dread



By Andrea Schlack

I sit in my grandfather's old printing factory reflecting upon the how and wherefores' of what got me to this desolate place of now lost dreams. I desperately yearn for those days of prosperity when all was right, but I ignored the changes that were happening right before my eyes. I was not blind but instead refused to see. Despite all of the warnings I would not believe someone knew more than me, and I continued to just do as we had always done no matter what the consequences. I was sure I was right, and woe to anyone who said differently, oh how I wish I had listened. 




Original Artwork by Marc. Art, Inc.    mob5948@aol.com







By Lee Tilly


A well informed salesperson who is kept 'in the know' improves cash flow because they can then up-sell the good payer, ask for cash from a slow-payer, and chase the deadbeats away!