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MARCH  2016
ISSUE No. 26
"Tell me and I forget. 
Teach me and I remember. 
Involve me and I learn."
-Benjamin Franklin

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Where's My Payment?

By Andrea Schlack & Robbie Burch 

PICB's M.O.N.E.Y method provides some quick ideas on how to deal with the unfortunate circumstance...




Dear Andrea,

We at Henry Worst Inc. wish to thank you for all your help - had we not read your recent  newsletter warnings about the recent influx of fraud originating from Canada, we could have been the next victim.
A potential customer contacted us requesting Henry Wurst Inc. do a large print job which would include mailing. Thankfully, we recognized the similarities between our prospect and the one's you have warned Printers about previously and we decided to pull a D&B Report, and an Experian Report just to make sure we were safe. Neither report found any records matching this so-called company which only raised our suspicion further. We thankfully checked the company in PICB's RIskee Business Database and they were listed as previously been placed for collection!
We then checked the customer's address and saw it was a UPS Store which was when we also noticed that one of the references provided,  who responded immediately giving the customer a glowing recommendation, was very similarly named and its' address too was a UPS store and their phone was a cel number.
Knowing we had been targeted our salesperson immediately informed the customer that Henry Wurst would not extend terms, that all transactions needed to be cash in advance with no checks, and done via ACH --- the customer responded furiously he would have to  change his plans and hire someone else!

The Canadians are 
still here.

 S C A M   
A L E R T !

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