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MAY 2016
ISSUE No. 28
"By failing to prepare, 
you are preparing to fail."
-Benjamin Franklin

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By Rick Cruz

Fraudulent companies masquerading as legitimate businesses has never been a unique or novel concept. Whether it be the charlatans of the 15th century, or the Enron's of the 90's, there has been no shortage of illegitimate gains through deception. 




New York Court
New York County (Manhattan) and Kings County (Brooklyn) in the Civil Court which is in all matters of less than in $25,000.00 in those counties. I have been advised by the court service that judgment entry is substantially delayed and that we cannot expect judgments to be entered whether contested or even on default to be entered for some 9 to 12 months from the date of submission. These circumstances further emphasize the absolute importance as to why all business people should take care to properly document and have all understandings with their companies in writing.

Lester P. Taroff, Esq.
Taroff & Taitz LLP
One Corporate Drive Suite 102
Bohemia, NY 11716

If you need help please contact PICB at 847-265-0400


Business stability and viability is not static ---ALL things change!

The sooner your Credit Manager can identify changes the better prepared you are to take appropriate action therefore a regular schedule where ALL customers are required to update their credit application is highly recommended. This is also the one of the best and most cost-effective ways to identify credit risks before they become profit drains.

PICB recommends that credit applications should be renewed annually which includes a re-statement of your terms and conditions.

To help the process PICB has prepared a simple letter that can be sent to your customers along with your blank application, just click on the below link and download this to your computer, then you may make any changes you deem necessary.

Remember, the application is not where it ends - Once done, if there are changes the facts should be reviewed again as well -- PICB's provides a discount for CRA -Rechecks.

Download Credit Application Renewal Notice 


Thank you so much for your current help in evaluating the credit worthiness of a potential large customer. Your knowledge of the financial health of nearly every company in the industry is unsurpassed. Also what you don't know off the top of your head, you root out, giving  us timely and accurate information.

I know when it comes to collections I only give you the real dogs, and you have always come thru and actually collected .

You and your team are amazing.

Thank You.

Jack Rickard

Rickard Circular Folding


Printing Industry Credit Bureau got it right...  

Our vast array of resources, knowledge, and experience are here to protect Printers from losses associated with criminal activities such as described in the below fraud alert from the US post Office. 

This is the same report alert that has been announced for so many months on PICB Credit Tips Newsletter.

 The US Post Office,  US Law Enforcement and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are working to get the responsible parties behind bars.

 Meanwhile... You should be careful!

If you are a victim or know of potential victim we encourage you to reach out to the Postal Inspector Matt Schmitz at mbschmitz@uspis.gov.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter please contact Andrea Schlack at ars@picb-us.com or 847- 265-0400.

"Diligence is the mother of good luck."
-Benjamin Franklin

If you would the link to the US Post Office Alert on our website, please

If you need help please contact PICB at 847-265-0400

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