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NOV.  2015
ISSUE No. 22
"It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it."
-Benjamin Franklin

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Lithographic Industries Recommends PICB

As you know, Radioshack filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and we wrote off $3,400 in unpaid bills.  In addition, they hit us up for $21,000 for payments received in the preference period. The collection attorney working on behalf of Radioshack was "willing" to give us credit for the unpaid bill from Radioshack along with a 10% discount on the preference claim.  They wished to settle for $ 15,750.

Andrea Schlack, President of Printing Industry Credit Bureau, helped us with good solid advise that it would be worth our while to negotiate with the trustee rather than go to court. We followed the advise given.  We compiled a worksheet which listed the payment history of Radioshack payments to us for a two year period.  This worksheet clearly demonstrated that over that period of time we were not given preferential treatment.  Two years before filing for bankruptcy Radioshack was paying us in about 30 days from invoice date.  For the final one year of payment history Radioshack was paying us in about 60 days.

Long story short; due to PICB's excellent advise (as always); we negotiated and settled for $3,000.

Thanks so much . . . . .

Mark J. Hebert
Lithographic Industries Inc.
PH: 773-921-7955
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a 3rd victim has reported 
substantial losses


We have been alerted by an East Coast Member that they were recently victimized by the old Canadian mail scam...

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