We provide a 2% reduction in our fee to members of  Printing Industries of America.

Ask your PICB manager for details.

A  20% contingency fee is charged for all monies collected at the agency level or a

35% contingency fee applies when your money is collected with the assistance of one of our many cooperating law firms.

No claims are forwarded to an attorney without the client’s permission.

Should your customer refuse to cooperate and a lawsuit is recommended, the attorney chosen to represent you agrees to not charge a retainer for his services. All costs needed to maintain your case are your responsibility, however, no costs are incurred without obtaining prior permission. All costs are requested in advance.

Legal expenses vary in each jurisdiction.

Below are the industry averages:

  • If your claim is under $50,000.00 the average cost is $500.00.
  • Claims exceeding $50,000.00 generally cost approximately $1,000.00.

Costs advanced are used to pay the various court and sheriff fees incurred to pursue your rights.
Unused costs or costs recovered through litigation are refunded.

Exceptions to the above will apply for the following:

  • If your debtor is located in a foreign country.
  • Defense of a counter-claim.
  • Any secondary actions.
  • Any non-collection referrals.