C A N A D I A N   S C A M    A L E R T !



The Canadian Crime ring plaguing printers was thwarted again this past Good Friday thanks to PICB’s efforts to keep Printers protected from these profit sucking criminals!

On Good Friday at approximately 4 pm CST, a Printer contacted our staff to check out a brand new customer who frantically came to them with a rush job, naturally promising to deliver a check to them immediately-Sound familiar?

THEY ARE GETTING BOLDER, but still not bold enough to get past those who know the con!

Many times a customer’s request to ‘rush’ could hide an ulterior motive: Is it to prevent a lender from having sufficient time for due diligence in the hopes credit terms will just be granted blindly?

Thankfully this Printer recognized the similarities and became proactive in protecting his company’s bottom line – Upon review this so-called customer was in-fact the same group of criminals seeking another victim of their con!

We estimate that our intercession has saved printers thus far this year about $250,000.00 —are you being careful?