Crawly Critters and Credit Creeps:

As Kafka stated in Metamorphosis, no matter the adversity cockroaches will always survive, therefore should you ever believe a won battle wins the war, you are wrong, the roaches will always survive. When it comes to things that scurry in dark places and at night, your best hope is to be forever vigilant, looking for any signs before an infestation is ever seen.

If you see them – they already got you

Just today, a Member asked for help with a customer who disappeared immediately after the printed brochures were shipped. They scurried, not to be seen, hiding as chameleons in plain sight by creating confusion of obligation, They registered multiple business entities all at the same address, all with similar names, all seemingly to be doing the same business sharing resources — OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY.

This one is a work in progress but we remain hopeful money will be recovered

PICB’s extermination strategy is preemptive relief with fumigation when necessary.

  • Remember crumbs will bring bugs therefore eliminate your crumbs by stating your credit policy clearly and making sure ALL employees adhere to your directives
  • Clean thoroughly all surfaces by providing customers your credit agreement that includes your terms and conditions by which a credit line MAY be established should YOU choose to do so,
  • Remember ‘your money-your rules’!
  • Verify facts – due diligence is the best disinfectant a business can use to effectively reduce risk of infestation- it will expose the truth and destroy the rot
  • Routinely sanitize surfaces not easily reached – by eliminating problems before they eat your profits you will be a stronger company
  • Schedule routine cleaning to maintain cleanliness by periodically re-verifying a customer’s viability, having each customer once a year provide a newly signed credit agreement to be re-checked for changes, and
  • Always watch for sudden or anomalistic behavior not previously seen and be prepared to sanitize rapidly should it be required.