Which Credit Strategy Improves Profit Potentials?

By Andrea Schlack

Gaius Julius Caesar Led a coup, crowned himself emperor, and made an Empire from a small unstable country that had been mired in political intrigues, poverty, and dissention. He fomented instability into a cause against a common foe thus uniting the Citizens of Rome to build an army rivaled by none of his time. The army of Caesar nearly conquered all of Europe before its own collapse. He crushed those who were in his way and then pilfered their wealth to build even more prosperity, which in-turn was used to buy influence. He was the master of self-promotion, demanding that His voice be the first voice heard at any gathering, and decreeing that His voice was the only voice that mattered. He forged the first Selfie by mandating that only His image be minted on all currency.

If Julius Caesar were a credit manager his philosophy would be ‘It’s my way or the highway’. Any customer who dared challenge his authority would be trampled, he would crush those who disagree, and destroy any who dared to interfere. Would his iron rule be your Ides of March?


Could Caesar Milan’s Zen like methods make him a better ‘Leader of YOUR Pack’?

Caesar Milan, Like Julius Caesar, set his own destiny by creating his own life path when he decided to jump the border and come to America with nothing but a strong desire to be more than just another poor rancher. He not only succeeded—he exceeded.

Milan, respected worldwide as an expert of animal behavior, used his unique understanding of psyche and body language to train people how to better communicate rules, boundaries, and limitations to achieve balance and control.

JC tamed Rome with fear while CM tamed aggression with calm assertive energy and discipline.

So which Caesar would better define your company ethics, goals, and principals? Would you rather choose to be a sword swinging barbarian or a Zen master? The best answer is always a synthesis of the two.

Printing Industry Credit Bureau knows how to use the best of both ideologies to maximize your bad-debt recovery and to resolve potential disputes and/or disagreements.