By Andrea Schlack, President

If Necessity is the Mother of Invention, and Determination is the Daddy,
Then Printing Industry Credit Bureau is the Single Parent that Does It All.

I became the first female bill collector hired by a major agency in 1976, and I knew then that I had found my calling. Over the years I built a reputation for ‘getting the job done’ while still maintaining high ethical standards. I have always believed that by treating customers fairly, honestly, and with integrity the chance of recovery would be maximized and would produce the best results, (and it does). To this day, I happily wear the moniker given to me by my former bosses: I am the Passionate Protector of Printers’ Profits.

I saw a problem that required a solution and solved it!



The rise of E-Commerce and V-Commerce poses a significant impediment to creditors seeking payment. As the number of these ‘virtual’ businesses increase so will the number of ‘virtual’ pirates pillaging and plundering Printers’ very real money.

Prior to the rise of Internet Monetization, businesses were primarily brick and mortar establishments with tangible assets, whereas E-businesses are ‘virtual’, and in so being, their assets are as well. Herein lies the quintessential dilemma: How do you obtain payment from a cloud based customer refusing to pay its bills? While the law does allow creditors to sue for payments due, and to seize assets for sale in satisfaction of a judgment (once a judgment is obtained), how does one do this when those assets are ‘virtual’, and what ultimately, if anything, can be seized?

How do you force a virtual business to pay its debts?

This is the ‘necessity’ PICB sought to provide.



What is the common denominator asset of all virtual businesses? Can this asset, if it exists, be used as a means to recover money due our Printers? These were the questions compelling me turn over possible solutions even when there appeared to be none.

Early on, when the internet was just starting, a few lawyers wisely saw the risk inherent in ‘assetless, virtual’ businesses, and they sought a way to seek remedy upon the Debtor’s web-site. In the end their measures teetered and fell and they failed to get back up like so many Humpty Dumpty’s.

PICB never gives up and never stops trying.

I was determined to find the answer.


Over the past many years, I have discussed, cajoled, pushed, prodded, plotted, devised, and schemed with anyone who would listen as there are others who are equally interested in seeking a means to an end for this profit loss madness nightmare! There had to be a remedy to this injustice, and I was hell dammed if I wasn’t going to find it -define it- and make it work!

Virtual debtors have to be
compelled to PAY their very real bills.



With necessity and determination I, along with a trusted group of lawyers, accountants, and internet experts, have defined E-Commerce and V-Commerce DNA.

D — Domains

N — Now have value and are defined as

A — Assets for seizure and sale in satisfaction of judgments

  • We gave domains substance where none existed before- these are now real assets that can be seized.
  • When the nay-sayers cried cyber-squatting we wiped their tears and found how to monetize the sale of the domain/web-site enabling Creditors to benefit.
  • Others failed by assuming their judgment required domain providers like GoDaddy to be involved in asset disclosures.
  • We successfully defined these companies not as Domain Owners but as  “Landlords” who only rented out the name, and
  • We defined the true and actual location of the domain/website to be where the Debtor uses it, designs it, modifies it, etc.

We are all very excited over recent events that have resulted in money recoveries, but we also know there will be bumps to hurdle, and obstacles to overcome. Eventually a dirty debtor will come along with a strategy to thwart this remedy, but as more and more Attorneys use PICB’s E-Commerce DNA program, the road to recovery of actual funds through virtual companies is getting easier to travel. As the DNA becomes streamlined through the judicial system even more viable solutions are bound to be discovered for creditors who seek payment.

  • Like the magazine magnate (wanna-be) who separated their operation into two separate corporate entities, burying the debt in the entity that did not have assets, except for its web-site and copyright! Our DNA convinced him of the importance and virtue of paying one’s printer and the BILL IS PAID!
  • Like another presumably under-funded business that sold various widgets and knickknacks on-line, and who had already stiffed various printers each time a new catalog needed to be printed.  This Debtor could never find the means of payment until PICB’s DNA Solution helped him find the means to pay the bill – THE CASE IS SETTLED!!
  • Like the tiny home builder who garnered notoriety on HGTV, but did not like paying his bills despite having millions personally. He depleted his company at the Creditors’ expense, only to be a little poorer as our argument convinced him of at least one bill that needed immediate payment – others have now forced his company into bankruptcy.


And PICB is both!


For more information about how we successfully attacked the debtor’s domain and web-site, or if you are in need of our expertise in credit and commercial collections please contact us at 847/265-0400 or by email to [email protected].



Decades of experience within the printing and graphic art industry


There are no scales or hooks necessary, and you do not need fins or even an ability to swim to win.
Who is eligible? — Anyone and everyone except employees of Professional Credit Management Associates, Inc. dba Printing Industry Credit Bureau and Checkitco Company (PICB), along with their children and/or relatives, may enter to win.
When does this promotion end? Each month there will be a new Fishy Tale challenge posed to subscribers of PICB’s Where’s the Money Newsletter. PICB may end this challenge at any time and without notice.
WHAT IS THE PRIZE? Free Credit Risk Assessments worth $85.00 provided each month, and a one-time monetary prize of $500.00 awarded to the one respondent who won the most CRAs from Jan. 2017 – Nov. 2017.
WHAT IS CRA? CRA – PICB’s unique report is intended for credit grantors to use in support of making wise credit choices and is built using current records filed with various governmental agencies and are available under ‘Public Records’. PICB purchases no existing report to re-sell it, We actually do the old fashion method of real time research using the 21st century modern tools.
HOW DOES THE GAME WORK?  The answers to the challenge are speculative – there is no one correct answer, therefore the winners will be those first 3 respondents who provide a ‘solution’ and meet the eligibility requirements as stated above.
HOW DO I SUBMIT MY SOLUTION? Post your answer directly on the Newsletter ‘answer box’, make sure and identify your name and company name, we will then notify you if you were one of the first 3 respondents via email and award you your Fishy Tale redemption coupon.
WHEN CAN I REDEEM THE COUPON? Anytime by submitting a CRA request, make sure and provide your redemption coupon at the time of submission and we will provide you the requested report. CRA redemption coupons may not be claimed for the cash equivalent.
WHEN WILL THE GRAND PRIZE BE PAID OUT?  $500.00 will be paid to the individual or company who has entered the most winning challenge answers between Jan. 2017 thru Nov. 2017 and the cash prize will be paid prior to December 31st, 2017

 For more information contact PICB at 847/265-0400 or [email protected]