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Volume 2014, Issue 4
Dear Member, 

ALERT: A reminder from last month . . .  to be vigilant about guarding against companies operating in disguise. Credit thieves are like cockroaches; they prefer to operate in the dark, therefore, if illuminated 
they scatter and become someone else's pest.

With much respect, 


Andrea Schlack

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Credit Tips 
Prepare to Succeed 

"Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation." ~ Zig Zigler

Does your credit application prepare you for success?  To be sure, review these tips:
  • Make the credit application mandatory when considering the extension of credit.  
  • Require that "cash" customers complete a customer profile form before any jobs are accepted. Remember, cash customers can bounce checks which cause losses.   
  • Make your application available from multiple sources: With all sales reps, all customer service employees, on your web site, as a downloadable file.  When the form is easily accessible, you eliminate "I never got it" excuses. 
  • Verify information on completed applications to insure you are not being conned.  Recently, a customer offered as a reference a printer who had sued him for non-payment, expecting that new printer would not check references.  The new printer did not, and they also did not get paid. 
  • Make sure the application is signed.  A "fact sheet" sent in lieu of your signed application is not an agreement, and as such provides no legally binding acceptance of your credit terms and conditions.  Have them fill out and sign your application.  
  • Require officer or owner signatures to eliminate the "employee had no authority" excuse. 
  • Collect relevant information, such as cell phones and emails - then test them.  Having direct contact helps prevent a customer from hiding behind voicemail and screeners when you call for payment . . .amazing how they never hide when you're working for them.  
  • Collect bank account numbers, branch location, and bank officer contact information. Include release language to allow for verification of bank data. If you fail to collect this at the onset, finding valid bank accounts becomes near impossible as legislation is tightening down on "credit sharing". Get it before you need it. 
  • Have your terms and conditions well defined and a customer acknowledgement that they read and understood them. 
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Collection Services 
PICB is the printing industry's dedicated commercial collection agency that has helped printers recover unpaid debts for over 35 years.  Our collection expertise, personal service, dedication, and intimate knowledge of the industry produce superior results at rates below industry averages.
From PICB's website, click Resources & Archives at the top of the page to find links to government websites with real-time, free information you may find helpful in determining a customer's stability or viability. These sites provide you the ability to verify business registrations, civil court records, lien information, and much more.

No time to research your customer's background?  PICB's sister company, √it Co. can help. √it Co's Credit Risk Assessments compile reports the old-fashioned way with hands-on, extensive research using 21st century tools.  Know your customer before you do the work. 

PICB's free web-based tool, located at www.picb-us.com near the center of the navigation bar, provides free access to our database of customers who haven't paid printers.  Look up your potential customer and see if PICB already knows them.  It may save you some heartache. 

Questions?  Call us any time at (847) 265-0400
For Collections, visit PICB: www.picb-us.com
For Risk Assessment, visit √it Co: www.checkitco.com
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Joseph D. Rinder dba Beltone Hearing Aid Center, and individually



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