PICB Pricks Puffed-Up Excuses
Deflates Dumb Disputes

Recently, a member sought the assistance of PICB to recover money owed from a customer who’s dispute reeked of flatulent falseness.

Shortly after PICB made a demand for payment, the Customer made his own demand. He wanted the Printer’s insurance information so he could file a multi-million dollar damage claim sighting inferior work caused irrevocable damage to his brand.

The project was a mailed sales
flyer on newsprint paper!

The customer launched attacks, claiming sales fell due to the poor printing, the colors were wrong, inconsistent, and lacked sharpness, the graphics poor, the layout all wrong, it had no depth, it was an abysmal lapse of quality, etc.!

As manufacturers, we all know errors happen, but in this case the Printer committed no error and did as he was commissioned to do –

  • The Customer proofed prior to production and gave final permission to print,
  • The Customer provided all artwork with no ability to alter the copy,
  • The Customer provided the layout – the Printer had no ability to alter the layout,
  • The Customer chose the paper and ink colors
  • The Customer was responsible for all its’ own graphic design

The Customer’s inflated disputes were false and when challenged to prove how he was damaged, he could not – after all how many people do any of us know who would refuse to shop somewhere because the mailbox flyer wasn’t pretty enough?

Case settled and the Printer was paid!

Remember that the most common defense by an ill-intended customer is to blame you for damages.

Words are NOT proof! Those who make such claims must also prove their damage in fact and exhibit a financial loss attributed to the facts!