Zombie: Rise Of The Credit Dread

I sit in my grandfather’s old printing factory reflecting upon the how and wherefores’ of what got me to this desolate place of now lost dreams. I desperately yearn for those days of prosperity when all was right, but I ignored the changes that were happening right before my eyes. I was not blind but instead refused to see. Despite all of the warnings I would not believe someone knew more than me, and I continued to just do as we had always done no matter what the consequences. I was sure I was right, and woe to anyone who said differently, oh how I wish I had listened.

I can no longer fight this endless battle for I now know it cannot be won. I may wish and hope, or even pray for a different outcome, but my company has past its’ zenith, and despite my loathing to let go I finally surrender to the lingering doom.

I have lost the fight. Just as the sun must surely surrender to the night I too have been forced to give in to that credit zombie now here to drain the last of my company blood.

It has already bitten the hand that fed it, and yet it wants more. That damn deadbeat—That worm infested customer is here yet again. It mindlessly claws at my flesh as if in gleefully anticipation of the pain it is causing. It tastes my blood as it tears what is left of my heart from this place. Oh, I was warned by those who knew, but I swore I knew better and now I can already hear my bones crunching as this crazed, soulless, profit sucking maggot feasts upon what is left of me. It creeps forward, mindless of the devastation IT has caused. I have no place left to hide. Oh, how I wish this were just a bad nightmare, because I want to wake but sadly I am fully aware and dread that the end is ever so near. Despite knowing what’s to come I still hold that slim hope, but not for me, because I know it is too late. I hold that slim hope for those other printers who may read my last words and choose to heed MY warning as IT’s victim before they too become some credit zombie’s feast.

What I now know that could have saved me from my fate may now protect you from being consumed.

  • I now know that ultimately it is the owner’s responsibility to set a good credit policy for staff to follow. Had I done this I would not have been vexed by this vile vermin.
  • Had I used a good credit agreement, and had I verified the information before I granted IT terms I would have starved IT, but now IT feasts upon the last of me.
  • The credit zombie consumed my raw materials because I became blinded by the lure of large profits promised (so sadly simple) when I just needed to stay aware!
  • IT devoured all of my reserved cash flow because I failed to recognize ITS’ evil intent soon enough and now I sit here dreading the end.
  • Had I listened to the advice given, or sought professional help before the horror began IT could not have annihilated my grandfather’s company that is no more.



PICB’s staff of dedicated collection warriors will battle your profit sucking credit zombies!

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  1. I had to laugh out loud (drawing curious looks from my fellow worker-bees)….and yes, it’s all true! Thanks for another ‘poke’ to get us all to tighten up our credit practices.

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