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Your privacy is valuable. In this information age many companies derive additional income by selling your good name and information to mailing lists and other third parties. PICB / PCMA  adheres to very high ethical treatment of our clients and the confidential nature of their business.

We never exchange, sell or give any information to any third parties with the exception of law enforcement when required.

Bad-debt collections should be left to the professionals.

We maintain strict compliance with all Fair Debt Collection Practices & Fair Credit Reporting Acts.

Our disciplined and aggressive, yet sensitive, call and letter schedule is maintained to maximize recovery of your bad debts. We will charter a course of action that is specific to your needs. Our collection managers are all trained in the strategy of successfully turning bad debt into profit, all the while treating your customers with dignity so that if a continued relationship with your customer is wanted, there will be a seamless continuity; after all, today’s ‘bad debt’ was yesterday’s ‘good customer’.

We at PICB / PCMA  are fully prepared to meet all of your needs and challenges.

PICB / PCMA account managers are the ‘pros’ at debt resolution.

Oftentimes slow or non-paying customers, when faced with the inevitable, will choose subterfuge or avoidance as a method to delay or decrease the payment due you. Your dedicated P.C.M.A. manager is a skilled bad-debt collector that produces results. Not only will we collect your past-due claims, we will also assist you in structuring positive, goal-oriented receivable procedures that can minimize your losses due to non-paying customers.

PICB / PCMA  provides affordable tools and solutions to meet your needs.

Our simple-to-use internet access not only allows you to download your collection files, it also provides you with the necessary tools needed to minimize losses to bad debt. Just click your mouse and you can purchase credit reports, check our extensive database for prior collection experience with PRINTING INDUSTRY CREDIT BUREAU / PROFESSIONAL CREDIT MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES, INC. , find tools and forms used for risk analysis, or provide your customer an ability to pay a bill instantly with our @check program.

Sometimes debtors are overwhelmed with debt. How do you get your money?

Information is power:

If your customer is not responsive to collection efforts and litigation is recommended, we will assist you in the decision-making process. Your PICB / PCMA  manager will help you understand the legal process, assist you in defining that which would make financial sense, report to you all our experiences and findings as related to your customer, coordinate our efforts with the law firm chosen to represent you, and make sure that your rights are aggressively pursued and protected.  Decisions based upon fact as opposed to supposition provides better results.

We dedicate our efforts to your complete satisfaction.

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